We are a Blockchain research company developing decentralized application for micro lending and warehouse financing.
Ziddu Warehouse Coin is powered by Ethereum ERC20 token standard.

Warehouse Coin

Ziddu Warehousing Coin empowers Global Micro Lending across the continents

Ziddu offers Trade and Micro finance in the form of warehouse Coins to the small and medium Importers/Exporters against collateralization of traders warehouse receipts

Ziddu Coin is a smart contract that enables Importers and Exporters to use their Ziddu tokens that loosely are pegged to Ethereum Crypto Currency

Our Blockchain solutions to the micro lending World

We collateralize warehouse receipts and provide finance to processors, manufactures, importers, exporters and farmers

We Work with international reputed warehouses and in a collateral managers, the warehouse receipts issued by large warehouses attested by Chambers of Commerce

We provide crypto currency financing through Ziddu coin

Depending upon the risk profile of the Importer/exporter interest anywhere between 12% to 48% will be charged

  Ziddu Warehouse Coin Market Capital


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Ziddu Warehouse Coin Token Distribution

Ziddu Warehouse Coin: 100,000,000 (one hundred million)

ZWC Token type: ERC20

Purchase methods accepted: BTC, BCH and ETH

Project Type: Token

Platform: Ethereum

Category: Micro Lending Finance using Blockchain Technology

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Ziddu Warehouse Coin enables financing for global Small Importers/Exporters using Blockchain Technology.
By using Blockchain technology, we are empowers global micro lending industry
Trade finance gap is around 1.5 to 2 trillion globally because of paucity of funds from banking channel to Manufactures, importers, exporters, farmers and SME's which can be met by ware house financing
Hard-currency shortage is forcing companies to get creative with crypto currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum as an alternative to hard currency in Many African and emerging Countries
By using Blockchain crypto currency, Ziddu coins lend the money across the globe up to 70% of warehouse receipts
Depending upon the risk profile of the counterparty the interest rate varies between 12% - 48%
SME's will receive Ziddu coins backed by Ethereum against the pledge of the warehouse receipts and repay back in Ziddu coins or Ethereum along with Interest