Welcome to the Age of Smart Contracts

"If it is not in Blockchain, then it is not a Smart Contract"

The first stage of Cryptocurrency Blockchain is the creation of decentralized money; people will be able to transact with one another without an intermediary Bank

The second stage of concept for Cryptocurrency is beyond money

The third stage of Cryptocurrency is that it converts itself into smart contracts to be executed

What is a Smart Contract?

Able to trigger rolls according to set conditions

Transfer and settle the value in real-time

      Decentralized, yet legally binding

Transparent access by all parties

Ziddu Smart Contract

Ziddu follows the core principles of Smart Contracts while also using its own algorithms

Consensus of Parties

Ease of Arbitration

Real-time Execution

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Our Technology

Ziddu Ethereum ERC20 Blockchain Token uses a technology stack in which Smart Contracts run in distributed virtual machines, which in turn run on a Consensus Settlement Algorithm (CSA).

It acts in two ways:
a) Everyone can see the copy of open ledger, decentralized verification and transparent execution
b) Everyone can see the result of contract execution

Flow of Ziddu Smart Contract